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Acronym Finder Site Statistics

as of Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at 7:26 AM Eastern Time

There are currently 4,779,434 abbreviations and their meanings in the database (including the Acronym Attic). If you had to print them all out, 60 lines per page, it would take 79,657 pages.

More than 813,873,800 visitors have performed 1,213,957,883 abbreviation searches. (An average of 1.5 searches per visit; or 7,013 searches per hour.)

Today, we've had 47,820 visitors so far. Yesterday we had 183,500.

There are 11,591 user-suggested abbreviations waiting to be verified and added (sorry, we're a little behind right now, please be patient).

During the past year, an average of 0 new human-edited abbreviation definitions have been added to Acronym Finder each day.